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Interested in meeting other like-minded singles that like you, enjoy fine food and wine, are passionate about life, consider family and friends important and have a love for arts, languages, fashion, music, literacy and lifestyle?

If yes, this group is for you. We organise a variety of events giving you an opportunity to meet and mingle with other singles over 40 that share similar values and interests.

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No, Singles Connect is a place for like minded singles to get to know one another in a relaxed environment. A place to form new friendships, find companionship and possibly the start of something special.

We receive a large number of requests daily to be a member. Only about half the requests are accepted. These people are vetted to make sure they live in Victoria, over 40 and are single. We also look for people who are like minded, which means a good strength of character. This ensures the members are respectful to each other and no inappropriate posts / photos or requests are part of the group.

Everyone is different, we all have a past and looking for different things in joining the group. Some are widows, out of long relationship/marriage, single for a long time or single and looking just to broaden their social circles. You do what feels right for you at the time. Introduce yourself, participate in the posts / online events or just sit back and enjoy the group.

You will find our group different from the other groups / apps. We value respect and strength of character. One of our rules when you join, is you don’t send private messages to the members without their consent.

Once you have been in the group for a little while or meet them online through one of our events just ask if you can send a PM’s, you will find this approach more favourable.

No, we have just over 1000 members ranging in ages from 38 years to 75 years old. Some of our members don’t have Facebook. But we notify all our members via our newsletter, website and meet up groups of the upcoming events. Everyone is notified and gets a chance to meet and attend the events that suit them. If you don’t have Facebook please sign up for our newsletter, be the first to hear about upcoming events.

We understand that having something in common is at the top of everyone’s list. We break the events down into age brackets and hold them in different suburbs. This gives you a chance to meet someone in your age bracket, who doesn’t live hours away from you.