Support Live Music OR Lose It !!

As someone entrenched in the entertainment industry—whether as a promoter, venue owner, or enthusiast—you understand the profound impact that COVID-19 has had on our sector. While some may dismiss it as an excuse, the truth is that the pandemic fundamentally altered our landscape, leaving us grappling with unprecedented challenges.

1. Rising Costs and Diminished Gigs:
• Since the pandemic, my insurance and operational costs have doubled. Despite weathering these financial blows, I’ve refrained from increasing entry prices for my events.

• Venues that once hosted regular live gigs have dwindled—some to half their previous capacity, while others have abandoned live music altogether.

• Band managers, seasoned and experienced, now reach out to me three times a week, seeking opportunities for their artists.

2. Insurance Woes:
• Here’s where the real struggle lies: Australian insurance companies have turned their backs on promoters seeking coverage for live music events post-COVID.

• Forced to look beyond our borders, I secured insurance from a global provider to keep my events afloat.

• However, the latest blow stings: my insurer refuses to cover outdoor events, including rooftop parties and party boat cruises. This decision reverberates beyond my business—it affects concerts, festivals, and charitable gatherings.

3. The Dilemma: Live Music vs. DJs:
• My upcoming St. Patrick’s Day Rooftop party and Party Boat Cruise are still insured, but the future remains uncertain.

• Faced with mounting pressure, I’ve been advised to ditch live music in favor of DJs. The rationale? Reduced security needs and lower insurance costs.

• But here’s the crux: live entertainment is my soul. It’s the heartbeat of 90% of my events. To eliminate it would be akin to tearing out a piece of myself.
In this challenging climate, I seek understanding and support. Let’s rally together to keep the music alive, even when the odds seem stacked against us.

Music, that universal language, weaves its way into our souls, touching emotions that words alone cannot convey. But it’s when music comes alive—performed right before our eyes—that its magic truly unfolds. Let’s explore why live music is more than mere notes and lyrics:

1. Emotional Bonds: When the spotlight hits, performers and audience merge into a shared emotional journey. It’s not just communication; it’s a visceral connection that transcends language barriers.

2. Synchronized Sensations: Live performances synchronize our senses. As musicians play in real-time, our eyes and ears align, amplifying the emotional impact. The raw authenticity of the moment reverberates through the crowd.

3. Unpredictable Thrills: Live shows are a dance with spontaneity. Artists may improvise, tweak arrangements, or engage with the crowd unexpectedly. Each note becomes an adventure, and authenticity reigns supreme.

4. Health Benefits: Believe it or not, attending live music events contributes to our well-being. A mere 20 minutes at a concert can boost feelings of happiness and overall wellness.

Now, let’s peek behind the curtain. Those musicians on stage? They’re more than performers—they’re magicians crafting memories. You see them play three sets of 45 minutes, but what remains hidden are the countless hours:
• Setting up and tearing down equipment.
• Traveling to venues.
• Rehearsing tirelessly.
• Curating the perfect setlist for each event.

And here’s the secret: These passionate artists don’t demand much. They echo, “Kathy, whatever you need, just tell us.” No complaints, no fuss—just a burning desire to create unforgettable nights for their audience.

But the struggle is real. Rising costs post-COVID have hit us hard. Insurance premiums doubled, and securing coverage for outdoor events became a maze. Rooftop parties, boat cruises, and festivals—all at risk.

So, when someone scoffs at the door fee, remind them: Supporting live music isn’t just about the tunes; it’s about preserving our cultural heartbeat. I’m raising my entry fee by $5 per ticket—a small step to keep venues, bands, and Aussie camaraderie thriving.

Support LIVE MUSIC—because without them, our nights would fall silent. 🎶🌟

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