Regular “Wellness Events” included in our monthly events

Wellness Event

When I reached out to our private Facebook group members with the question, “What has been a challenge in your life?” the flood of responses was overwhelming. The candor and vulnerability displayed were profound—more raw and moving than anything I’ve encountered before.

As I read through the stories, I found myself moved to tears by the sheer bravery it took for our members to face these trials and emerge stronger. Their accounts of overcoming loss, battling mental health issues, enduring financial hardship, facing isolation, loneliness, self-harm, impact separation children, legal system and even homelessness were nothing short of heroic.

These revelations have inspired me to take two significant steps. First, I’m organizing a “Wellness Event” to support our community’s journey to healing. Second, I’ve begun a series of interviews with our members, giving them a platform to share their powerful stories. Each month, we’ll feature one of these inspiring tales, celebrating the resilience and spirit of our “real heroes.” Kathy Edwards Founder Steppin’ Out Events