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The latest singles events in Melbourne.
Up for a glam evening of great food, music and conversation?

Want to connect with hundreds of like-minded people in our groups? Life’s a ball, don’t miss out on the fun.

At Steppin’ Out Events, we’ve done all the hard work for you. The guest list, the venue. You’ll get to use your phone but only to take selfies with your new friends!

Satisfied Steppin' Out Customers

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Sharan M
Sharan M
20. August, 2020.
The virtual events that Kathy has been hosting through out this year of madness have been so much fun! Such a great way to connect and meet others! Kathy is a great host, very welcoming! Can't wait until we can all meet in person!
Stephen Bliss
Stephen Bliss
9. August, 2020.
With the covid curse all around us I found it challenging to have a meaningful connection with people. The Tuesday night Zoom Steppin' Out online chats have filled the void. If you enjoy witty banter and stimulating conversations, then I would whole heartily recommend you join the fun.
Jodie Polglaze
Jodie Polglaze
9. August, 2020.
I couldn't recommend this group more very relaxed and fun group and we can talk about anything and everything and a nice group of people, Kathy is doing a fantastic job
Andrea Evans
Andrea Evans
9. August, 2020.
Hi All , the virtual online meetings we have on a tuesday night at 7pm have given me something to look forward to in these peculiar times. There is always different discussions on various topics and some laughs. Everyone makes you feel welcome and even though we cant meet face to face it feels like we know each other already and when the time comes to go to a function again it will be great when you can ask someone that you hve met online on tuesday night for a dance. Andrea Evans Steppinout member
9. August, 2020.
Great singles 40+ group to join up with, it's been hard with the covid. So they now do zoom nights and what great night's it has been, meeting friendly members online chatting and laughing. I totally recommend Steppin out events to all, chat with you soon regards Jeff 😊
Noel Faram
Noel Faram
8. August, 2020.
I've had the privilege of attending an event through Steppin Out Events and it was a fun and relaxed event. The people I met were fantastic and had a lot of great laughs and conversations. I highly recommend
Brett Stone
Brett Stone
22. March, 2020.
Steppin’ Out Events have been fantastic. I’ve enjoyed the comfortable and community feel of every event and it’s obvious that Kathy and her team genuinely care about helping people find love over 40. I’m looking forward to Thank Grand It’s Friday!
Aylce Byatt
Aylce Byatt
20. March, 2020.
Couldn’t recommend highly enough! Great energy, atmosphere and people 5/5

Fun Activities

We will do the hardwork to keep the conversations rolling and night entertaining.

Canapés & Drinks

Delicious food and handpicked local drinks provided.

Door Prizes

Special door prize and other secrets to be revealed on the night.

Social Life? What Social Life?

Today, the world is a hectic place, your social life often takes a back seat, planning a night out feels like a chore.

Where to go? Who to go with? Who will I talk to? What will I say? With Steppin’ Out as your hosts, you’ll make new connections in no time.

Online verses ‘Old School’?

Online dating? Quick swipe left! Spent evenings glued to your phone, trying to make meaningful connections with a screen?

It’s time to go ‘Old School’ and connect with like- minded people, face to face at a Steppin’ Out Event!

Single Again?

So, what do I do now? It’s been a few years since I’ve been on the market. Where do I go to meet people today? Pubs, clubs? I feel like a fish out of water. Worry not, help is at hand.

Simply buy a ticket to a Steppin’ Out Event and you’ll have stepped up your chances of meeting other singles in your area.

Young at heart?

I still feel like I’m 21! (Just with 20+ years of experience!) My mental age and the date on my driver’s licence, simply don’t match! I want to put on my best threads, have a glass of bubbles and sparkle again.

At a Steppin’ Out Event you’ll find plenty of people who feel that age is just a number, too.

Let Steppin’ Out do all the work.

A Steppin’ Out event turns an ordinary night into an extraordinary experience. Running singles events in Melbourne, our team has over 40 years’ experience in events.

The venue is booked, the guest list is written and of course you’re a VIP. All you do is turn up, look fabulous and enjoy a fun night out!

For a similar price, you could get a group of friends, acquaintances and work colleagues together in a pub. Cross your fingers and hope they gel but that might be memorable for the wrong reasons!

Our event locations and special partners

So, here’s the plan.

Firstly, you need to decide if you’re going to be ‘Steppin’ Out’ solo or invite a friend to ‘Step Out’ with you. If you choose the latter, then get busy inviting so they have the details and the price in advance. You could even invite more people to form a ‘Steppin’ Out Posse’, to
spread the fun and the cost of your Uber at the end of evening.


Decide if you’re Steppin’ Out’ solo or teaming up with friends.


Choose your outfit for the night and block out the calender!


Book your tickets online through our website.


Don’t be late! Find your designated driver or split the cost with an Uber!

Never Again!

‘Organising a night out with friends, is a pain in the behind!’

‘There’s nowhere to go to meet new people!’

‘I can’t remember the last time I had a good night out!’

‘I don’t get out much, so I don’t meet anyone new!’

‘Pubs and clubs aren’t good for meeting new people!’

Join Us For Fun Nights Out!


Protection of our members’ personal information is of utmost importance to us and as part of our approach, Steppin’ Out Events has invested its own customised ticketing system. This also helps in streamlining our internal systems and our service to you, our members, while keeping event costs down.

The system is an automated, step-by-step system enabling you to book your event ticket quickly and easily. It allows easy input of the information we need from you, with system generated receipts and event tickets sent directly to your email. It’s something you can use on the go, discretely and is available 24/7.

The information inputed directly by you is safely stored on our secure server. The server is fully protected by encryption, malware/anti-virus mechanisms and accessible to our team only. The system has in-built firewalls for credit card purchases so you can be sure that your information is safe.

We take your privacy seriously. We use your information to facilitate the event/s you have registered to attend and to advise you of similar upcoming events that you might enjoy.

We do not make your information available to third parties, sell your information, or use it for any purpose other than outlined in this statement. You can unsubscribe to our communications by clicking the unsubscribe link included in each email or by emailing our support team directly.

If you require support or have any queries about our ticketing process, an upcoming event or any other matter related to Steppin’ Out Events, the Steppin’ Out Events team are available and always welcome suggestions and feedback from our members.

Kathy x