Partnership with Musicland Fawkner

Steppin’ Out Events is proud to announce a partnership with Musicland Melbourne embarking on a harmonious journey.

Starting from Saturday, April 20th, and continuing every third Saturday, we invite you to our exclusive soirées tailored for the vibrant single souls of the over 40s. Enjoying our passion showcasing live music.

Nestled on Sydney Road, Musicland is more than a venue; it’s a creative haven. Its timeworn walls cradle secrets—of late-night jams, soulful ballads, and electric guitar solos that echo through time.

Here, musicians find solace. The stage, bathed in amber light, becomes a portal to other realms. The crowd leans in, hearts open, as if absorbing every chord. The air thrums with anticipation.

* Saturday 20th April Vivid Melbourne Cover Band

* Saturday 18th May Bettadaze

* Saturday 15th June Copyrite Coverband

* Saturday 20th July Lionel Loves Vinyl

* Saturday 17th August Rock Agenda

EXCLUSIVE SINGLES OVER 40 Musicland Melbourne @Bebe’s Bar